Promisify Javascript Events with Bluebird

Currently, I'm working on an application that uses a lot of global events which I lovingly call the "invoke global search in your editor to find anything" architecture. Long story short, there are a lot of pieces of code loaded dynamically and I wanted a way to those pieces to hook together fairly easily. Yes, [...]

Full Screen Google Analytics via Bookmarklet

I have a TV in my office that's connected to a PC and generally does very little during the day. Since I've relaunched my site and starting to see some traffic, it's great to watch the real-time statistics from Google Analytics while I'm working or writing. I have a nice Dashboard with all my important [...]

A few reasons to use Underscore.js (or Lo-Dash)

I remember when I first tried using Backbone a few years ago. Because it was my first foray in "real" client-side Javascript development, it was a confusing time filled with tools and libraries I didn't understand. One of the most confusing things about it was the requirement of Underscore.js alongside jQuery. "Why do I need [...]

Office Setup

I work from home 4-5 days a week. With that, I spend a ton of time in my office. My "office" is technically half of a room that was lovingly called The Florida Room by the people we bought the house from 14 years ago.The Florida Room is a badly converted car port that still [...]

Turn Twitter Favorites into an RSS feed

I used to use IFTTT to turn my Twitter favorites into Tumblr Quote posts automatically. Since Twitter started locking down their API and shutting IFTTT out, I needed a workaround.Using node.js, I wrote a quick server that uses the authenticated json API and makes an RSS feed. After a quick deploy to Heroku, all was [...]

Using Pagekite with Pow!

There are always situations where you need to display the work on your local maichine to the outside world. In the old days, we would setup a dyndns account, forward some weird port on our firewall to port 80 on our local machine, and give out the weird URL. Those, my friends were the dark [...]

Padrino and the Asset Pipeline

I've been messing with Padrino a bit over the past couple of weeks. There are several smallish apps that I've thought that Rails was a little bit of overkill for. However, what I didn't realize that I was missing was the Asset Pipeline. It's terribly useful, especially if you tend to mix technologies together in [...]

Using Pow for PHP (or anything on Apache)

When I reinstalled my system w/ Lion a few weeks back, I decided to start using Pow! as my "web server" of choice. I've been spending a lot more time in Rails over the past few months because of my day job and wasn't really relying on my Apache/PHP installation as much. I delegated Apache [...]