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About Ted Kulp

Ted Kulp is a professional developer, author and technologist with over 15 years of experience from the suburbs of Philadelphia. In 2004, he created the popular content management system, CMS Made Simple and continued to run the project for over 8 years. These days, he makes his living from writing Javascript full-time, writing books, and hacking on open source.

Promisify Javascript Events with Bluebird

Currently, I'm working on an application that uses a lot of global events which I lovingly call the "invoke global search in your editor to find anything" architecture. Long story short, there are a lot of pieces of code loaded dynamically and I wanted a way to those pieces to hook together fairly easily. Yes, [...]

Full Screen Google Analytics via Bookmarklet

I have a TV in my office that's connected to a PC and generally does very little during the day. Since I've relaunched my site and starting to see some traffic, it's great to watch the real-time statistics from Google Analytics while I'm working or writing. I have a nice Dashboard with all my important [...]

A few reasons to use Underscore.js (or Lo-Dash)

I remember when I first tried using Backbone a few years ago. Because it was my first foray in "real" client-side Javascript development, it was a confusing time filled with tools and libraries I didn't understand. One of the most confusing things about it was the requirement of Underscore.js alongside jQuery. "Why do I need [...]

Office Setup

I work from home 4-5 days a week. With that, I spend a ton of time in my office. My "office" is technically half of a room that was lovingly called The Florida Room by the people we bought the house from 14 years ago.The Florida Room is a badly converted car port that still [...]

Turn Twitter Favorites into an RSS feed

I used to use IFTTT to turn my Twitter favorites into Tumblr Quote posts automatically. Since Twitter started locking down their API and shutting IFTTT out, I needed a workaround.Using node.js, I wrote a quick server that uses the authenticated json API and makes an RSS feed. After a quick deploy to Heroku, all was [...]

Using Pagekite with Pow!

There are always situations where you need to display the work on your local maichine to the outside world. In the old days, we would setup a dyndns account, forward some weird port on our firewall to port 80 on our local machine, and give out the weird URL. Those, my friends were the dark [...]

Padrino and the Asset Pipeline

I've been messing with Padrino a bit over the past couple of weeks. There are several smallish apps that I've thought that Rails was a little bit of overkill for. However, what I didn't realize that I was missing was the Asset Pipeline. It's terribly useful, especially if you tend to mix technologies together in [...]

Using Pow for PHP (or anything on Apache)

When I reinstalled my system w/ Lion a few weeks back, I decided to start using Pow! as my "web server" of choice. I've been spending a lot more time in Rails over the past few months because of my day job and wasn't really relying on my Apache/PHP installation as much. I delegated Apache [...]